Get Involved

Camp Croix exists and operates because of people who are passionate about giving their time, talents, and treasures to camp. Camp has been blessed the past several years with tremendous growth, which means we have plenty of opportunities for you to be involved!

Whether you want to work with children, do maintenance, cook, lifeguard, serve as medical staff, or serve on a committee at camp, we’d love to have you! It doesn’t matter if you have an hour, day, week, month, or an entire year to give, your time and talents would be greatly appreciated!

Bible Camp Opportunities

There are several ways throughout the year to get involved at camp. However, there’s no bigger need for camp and opportunity for you than the youth and teen camps in June, July and August. In order to host all of our campers, we need a support staff of directors, deans, cooks, lifeguards, maintenance support, counselors, and medical staff. The sessions run from Sunday through Saturday. If you aren’t able to assist the entire week, that’s OK! If you have children attending camp one of the sessions, what better way to be with them that week! As a reminder, if a parent volunteers for a session at camp, the family will receive one free registration!  If you would like more information about volunteering for a position for Bible Camp, you can send an e-mail to To apply for a position, please click HERE. (You’ll be taken our registration site, Camp Brain)

Here’s some basic info of a day in the life of a volunteer at Camp Croix-

Counselor: you and at least one other person are in charge of 10 campers in your squad, and you sign up to lead or help with different activities throughout the day, like fishing or craft or dance. You also are assigned a home cabin to do circle time, bedtime, and wake up call each day!

Dean: you are an overseer of the counselors, ensuring that they are where they’re supposed to be, and helping the counselors with any difficult situations that can arise among their campers.

Director: you are the overseer of the whole staff, making sure things are running smoothly. You keep the schedule and help where needed.

Cooks: you and at least two others make the meals for 150 people everyday. The menu is planned and the recipes and food are all ready for you to prepare.

Lifeguards: you and at least one other person are overseers of swim time and canoeing, which happen Monday – Friday afternoons. Most often, you also are a counselor or an adult volunteer as well.

Maintenance support: you and at least two other people fix anything that may be broken, and do general upkeep of the property. You help run a service project with the campers every morning.

Medical Staff: you administer medications and deal with any sicknesses or injuries that may occur.

Adult Volunteer: you are in charge of certain activities that you sign up for throughout the day, a few examples are serving snack, crafts, low ropes course, fishing, canoeing, nature, and others.

Camp Opening and Shut Down

Another opportunity camp could use your time and talents is “opening” and “shutting down” of camp. Although there are some year-round facilities, each spring we prepare the winterized facilities and grounds for the season and in the fall we prepare the grounds and facilities for the winter months. If you’d like to help open or close camp, many hands make the work light. We always have coordinators who make a list of duties and facilitate the work, so all you have to do is show up! No matter your skill set or knowledge, we can find a way for you to help at camp! An added bonus to helping camp is you get to stay the weekend for FREE!

Other Opportunities

Even if those opportunities don’t work for you, if you’re willing to volunteer your time, talent, and treasures, Camp Croix would greatly appreciate it. If you’re coming up to camp for a weekend, bringing a group for a retreat, or coming with your family and want to complete a project, let us know! Just send an e-mail to and we will give you options!