Camp Overview


   Camp is a blast and a great safe week to spend time with 100 other campers and caring staff exploring and utilizing this part of the north woods located between Spooner and Danbury on Lake Rooney.  Camp facilities include 35 – 4 person cabins, shower house, lodge, craft cabin, camp store, boat house, summer kitchen, nurse’s station, pole shed, athletic areas, and an open area in the center of the compound for recreation and activities, 100’s of feet of lakeshore, and nature trails.

   Camp runs from Sunday to Saturday and each year has a theme to the week and Bible teachings and activities center on the theme. Each week of Camp has 100 campers, ages 9-14 of both genders as equally distributed as possible, into 10 squads of 10 campers.  Each squad had a minimum of two counselors to help the campers grow emotionally, physically and spiritually throughout the week. Campers may choose their cabin mates and they are in squads with campers other than their cabin mates so they can develop new relationships and skills. Our older campers mentor the younger and the younger look up to the older for help and guidance.  There is some friendly competition between the squads during the week to encourage teamwork. Several activities unite the whole camp also.  We strongly oppose electronics at camp so they realize they can unplug and have face-to-face relationships without screen time.

   Staff includes a Pastor Bible leader, a camp director(s), staff minister, Boy’s Dean, Girl’s Dean, 20-30 counselors, medical staff, cooks, lifeguards, and maintenance men.  We also have adult volunteers to lead and oversee many of our activities.

  It is our desire to connect all our campers to the love of God for them through our ministry.  We also teach many life skills that they are unaware they are catching- from relationships to learning how to care for things at camp. One of the biggest skills they learn is self-confidence, so they can be independent and make good choices.


Daily Schedule

   Our day runs from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and is jam packed with fun activities and some free time. Your child receives three meals and two snacks a day, Monday thru Friday, and one meal on Sunday and Saturday.  We have great cooks!

   We begin with wake up and a devotion at the flagpole. Then it is off to breakfast with cabin tidying afterwards.  Our mornings consist of three activity hours, which contain things like Bible exploration, dance, fishing, craft, canoeing, archery, nature experiences, service opportunities, and teamwork and leadership activities.   

  Lunch comes next, with a rest time after for them to play cards, talk, and write home or nap in their cabins. This is followed by 2-3 activity periods with physical activities of different sports, games and challenges. After a snack break, we head to the lake for a couple hours of swim time/softball/ultimate Frisbee or volleyball.  They are free to choose one of these or just hang out on the beach.

   We wash up for supper and free time until the big night activity.  All 100 campers are engaged in the same activity from camp Olympics to scavenger hunts to Beach party and other fun things!

   Evening snack break is next followed by a campfire for a fun devotional skit led by the counselors followed by discussion. We sing around the fire, which is many of the camper’s highlight of the day. We sing fun, active songs and spiritual songs led by guitarists and vocal leaders.

   We close our night with thoughts from the day, asking God to bless our night and taking prayer requests from the campers and staff. Then we cleanup for bed and each cabin is assigned one other cabin for circle time to dig deeper into what they learned that day from God’s Word and to deepen relationships through thought-filled conversation. Then it’s lights out and we do it all again the next day!

   We pray your child(ren) will have the wonderful experience of Camp Croix Youth Bible Camp! If you have any questions or concerns about Bible Camp, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at