Looking Ahead

   The Camp Croix Board believes that Camp Croix can enhance the value it provides to the Association Congregations and those who utilize the camp by providing a setting and infrastructure for a broader range of ministry activities, while continuing and building upon the existing programs of Bible Camp and Family Camp.

   The Camp Croix Board identified the following broad areas of ministry in which Camp Croix can serve the Association Congregations and those congregations in the area. These ministry areas include 1) Spiritual Growth; 2) Life Skills Education; 3) Rest, Relaxation, and Fellowship, and 4) Special Ministries.  

   We have gathered a great deal of feedback and information from our association and other families who have been a part of Camp Croix for many years as well as new faces to the Camp. Below is a brief summary of the results of the input and discussions.

Guiding Principles

  • Embrace Change

     -Our world is changing and camp must change to remain viable

  • Honor Legacy

     -Capture the spirit of what makes camp a memorable place

  •  Focus on Mission

    -Always remember why camp exists

  •  Safety and Security

    -Create an environment where campers feel safe and secure

  • Environmental

    -Preserve the natural setting and strive for sustainability

What We Heard

  • Expand ministry opportunities
  • Maintain rustic aesthetic and character
  • Year-round Caretaker
  • Improve facilities for programming and storage
  • Four season usage
  • Better overall usage of site


  • Current Uses

     -Bible Camp

    -Family Camp

  • Expanded Uses

    -Leadership Development for youth and adult

    -Team building for youth and adult




   Plans for the future include increasing ministries at camp, improving existing facilities, and expand facilities. We will continue to develop plans and present them. Please check back regularly for updates. This plan is not possible without generous donations of time, talents, and treasures from those who would like to see Camp Croix grow. If you would like to donate, please visit our Donate page.

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